Biodiversity Information Group  v.5.0.2

Biodiversity Information Group develops software tools and data standards that enable herbaria and museums to create dynamic distributed queries of their online databases.

Western Ghats Trees  v.1.0.0006

Western Ghats Trees is a graphical identification system of the trees species of two 'hotspots' of biodiversity: the rain forests in the Western Ghats of India and in the Northern Annamites Mountain range of Lao PDR.


Green Tips  v.

More than 150 green tips proposed by European Environment Agency. Tips related to: water, transport, waste and material resources, household consumption, environment and health, climate change, chemicals, biodiversity,

E-Species  v.1.1.6

A taxonomically intelligent biodiversity search engine

Academic Flashcards

Improve test scores. FREE! Learn in a FLASH! Learn terms/definitions or questions/answers. Memorize information. Create unlimited flashcards on any subject or download and use one of our many free ready-made flashcard sets. Study by adjustable automatic

Species Richness and Diversity IV  v.4. 1. 2002

Species Richness and Diversity IV is a program where you can use the latest methods to gain insights into your data. SDR gives you a powerful suite of proven methods including some of the most exciting methods in modern ecology.

Deep Sea 3D  v.

In the deepest depths of the ocean, where hardly anyone has ever explored before, a wonderful underwater world unfolds. Here, far beneath the surface, extraordinary sea creatures swim all around.

Finance Solutions  v.8.37.1

Finance Solutions® is the latest generation software from Sigma Data & Computers Ltd, and is designed to help you organize and manage your Banking, Accounting and Micro finance solutions.

CAP Demo  v.4.0

CAP4 is a general multivariate analysis package for Windows PCs, with excellent graphics. It is easy to use and affordable.

Hickory  v.1.1

Software for analysis of geographic structure in genetic data. Estimate F-statistics co-dominant marker data with the help of this utility.

Geo-Wiki mobile  v.

With Geo-wiki mobile, you can photograph landscapes and share these with your friends and colleagues through Geo-Wiki.org, using the visualization capacity of Google Earth.

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